The Faculty of Pharmacy currently offers two programmes, namely, the Diploma in Pharmacy Programme and the BSc Pharmaceutical Technology (Hons) Programme. It is hoped that the Faculty will be able to offer a third programme in the year 2022, namely, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) Programme.


The Faculty has four departments: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Basic Health Science & Pharmacology, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology & Department of Pharmacy Practice & Clinical Pharmacy


The 14 academic staffs at the faculty are passionate individuals who are active contributors to student development, faculty & University College development, and they are active researchers in their areas of expertise. The Faculty is also supported by 5 clinical instructors and two administrative staff.


The Faculty has good linkages and research collaborations with other universities and will explore potential research collaborations with Malaysian pharmaceuticals companies in the near future.


Diploma in Pharmacy

This programme was initiated in 2011 under the then School of Pharmacy. The School was transformed into the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2019, following the formation PICOMS.

The Diploma Programme is a 3 years programme. During the final semester, students will undertake 6 months of placement in hospitals and 2 months at community pharmacies.

The Programme was given the Provisional Accreditation status on 11 September 2011 and attained the Full Accreditation on 29 May 2014.

Since its initiation, more than 2800 students have graduated from the programme and they are now serving various sectors including community pharmacy, hospitals and clinics.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology (Honours)

This programme is introduced to train students for a challenging career in the pharmaceutical industry sector which includes among others, pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control and assurance, and product registration.

The BPT Programme was given the Provisional Accreditation status by the MQA on
7 September 2020. The first cohort of students is now in their second year of study.

The Faculty will be applying to the MQA for a Full Accreditation status of the programme as soon as the first batch of students is in their final semester.